Sapphire is an elite members only assiocation, open to both male and female who are very successful in their field. We provide a safe haven to explore all desires, whether they be personal or business.

Sapphire is all about high standards and associate requests are individually screened by management in a slow methodical manner. We have very clear associate requirements which never adapt, meaning all associates have the same ethos and mechanics no matter when they join.

The main philosophy behind the Sapphire association is for associates to get back multitudes of what they put in. Sapphire is not a profile indexing website or dating centre – associates use Sapphire when they need to do something which requires help from other associates whom are close by.

Associates interact with Sapphire through the mobile application on their mobile in a secure independent manner, and initiate desires based on their location / presence status.

“Whether you are in London on business and would like to get introduced to the hot places to go out tonight, or are having a party on your boat in New York and would like to have some new friends to come by to mix with others”. Sapphire is what you want it to be, when you need it.

If you think your life needs to step up a gear and you are pushing the boundaries in your field, then why not request to become a Sapphire associate.