The Sapphire Philosophy & Ethos

Sapphire is the gel that brings successful people together in a secure environment. Whether you are an up and coming actor, a royal ascot jockey or a IT wizard with a few million in the bank – Sapphire is the assication for you.

Within the Sapphire, associates interact based on location and their presence state, which allows for dynamic requirement among associate to be met, hour by hour – as day becomes night personal and business needs adapt to the environment.

It is our ethos to facilitate these ever changing demands from associates and to provide an “anything is possible, anywhere at any time” philosophy.

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News & Events

Sapphire is open for associates from New York and London based requestees.

If you are looking to broaden your business and personal connections in New York, US or London, England, then we strongly suggest you request to become a Sapphire associate.

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